Schilit Forensics is an expert forensic accounting consultancy serving institutional investors, corporations, and other stakeholders.  We provide customized and proprietary due diligence research based on forensic accounting analysis, as well as educational and training programs. 

Our heritage and expertise are rooted in understanding how companies use accounting tricks to overstate their true financial health. Over the past twenty years our team has provided early warnings on scores of such companies, including many of the most egregious accounting frauds. 

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Financial Shenanigans

Our expertise emanates from decades of studying, identifying, and untangling aggressive accounting tricks.  Financial Shenanigans, by Howard Schilit, Jeremy Perler, and Yoni Engelhart has recently been released in its 4th edition, commemorating 25 years since the book was originally published. The new edition features fresh cases and new perspectives drawing on the past quarter century of accounting gimmicks and frauds.