Schilit Forensics is an expert forensic accounting consultancy serving institutional investors, corporations, and other stakeholders.  We provide customized and proprietary due diligence research based on forensic accounting analysis, as well as educational and training programs.   Our heritage and expertise are rooted in identifying and understanding aggressive accounting practices used by companies to overstate their true financial health and mislead investors.  

The Firm is led by Howard Schilit, a pioneer in the field of forensic accounting research and the author of Financial Shenanigans  (originally published in 1993, now in its 4th edition).  Our senior leadership team includes Financial Shenanigans  co-authors Jeremy Perler and Yoni Engelhart, both of whom were trained by Howard in the early 2000’s and have deep and varied experience as forensic analysts and buy-side investors.  The Schilit Forensics team has uncovered some of the most egregious accounting frauds of the past generation, and also provided early warnings on scores of other companies that used unusual or aggressive accounting practices to mask operational deterioration.

We provide custom research to a select group of clients that includes some of the most successful and well-regarded investment firms globally.  We serve as an extension of our clients' research teams, helping them unravel complexities and uncover shenanigans in the accounting and financial reporting of the companies they care about most.   

For more information about Schilit Forensics, or to discuss whether our services might be a good fit for your organization, please contact us.