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Schilit Forensics is an expert forensic accounting consultancy serving institutional investors. The Company provides customized and proprietary due diligence research based on forensic accounting analysis, as well as educational and training programs.

Our heritage and expertise are rooted in identifying aggressive accounting and reporting practices which enable companies to overstate their true financial health.  Our mission is to help investors understand how misleading accounting and financial reporting can result in perceptions and valuations that are disconnected from the economic reality of a business.  

The Firm is led by Howard Schilit, Jeremy Perler, and Yoni Engelhart, pioneers in the field of forensic accounting research, and authors of Financial Shenanigans. The Schilit Forensics team has uncovered some of the most egregious accounting frauds of the past generation and provided early warnings on scores of other companies that used aggressive accounting practices to mask operational deterioration.

We serve an elite cadre of public and private market investors and operate as an extension of our clients' research teams. We are engaged to help unravel complexities and uncover shenanigans in the accounting and financial reporting of current or prospective portfolio companies, enabling more informed and confident investment decisions.

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